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REGENERATIVE farming methods will drive a big part of our positive impact on people and planet with workstreams planned around increasing our knowledge of REGENERATIVE organic principles and its effects on increasing carbon stocks in the soil.

Regenerative Grazing

We want to measure the potential of adaptive grazing in the UK for positive impact on livestock production through rotational grazing system that allows paddocks longer rest period for grass to grow taller; this also helps to maximise soil carbon sequestration and improve biodiversity.



Measure the potential of wood pasture systems to produce forage for livestock at different tree and animal densities, helping to increase the amount of stable soil carbon in woodland areas and enhancing biodiversity.


Diverse Cropping

We will continue to use a diverse crop rotation to increase the diversity of soil microbes below ground with herbal leys (a seed mixture of grass, legumes and herbs) that are deep rooted to improve soil structure.


Utilising biomass and waste for soil health, productivity enhancements and improve the nutrient cycle. This will help us to measure and maximise ‘decomposition’ soil carbon storage.


We started farming in the real Yeo Valley back in 1961

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We work with over 150 organic dairy farms across the UK

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