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Here at Yeo Valley Organic, we are very passionate about and proud of our soil. Those of you who have followed us for a while may remember what we got up to in October 2022. And to catch you up, last Autumn, we decided to take part in the ‘Plant your Pants’ experiment to celebrate the UK’s Soil Awareness Week. Fast forward a few months and we’re taking to the fields to find out what happened to our buried briefs …

Burying a pair of cotton pants is a tried and tested technique used by some scientists to establish the health of the soil beneath our feet. The ‘Plant your Pants’ experiment was initially designed for schools as a fun and interactive way to educate children about the environment and the importance of caring for the nature and the ecosystems that surround us. And hey, if it’s good enough for the schools it’s good enough for Yeo!

Here’s why we’re mad about soil

Alright, let’s chat about soil – a key component of both the environment and organic dairy farming. It’s like the ultimate foundation for ecosystems, nurturing all sorts of life, filtering water, and even soaking carbon from the air. At Yeo, soil takes centre stage in making sure our organic goods are top-notch. It’s all about those nutrient-packed pastures and crops, keeping our cows well-fed and happy year-round.

We’re all about sustainable soil smarts here, utilising practices such as smart grazing management and soil conservation. This not only boosts dairy production but also keeps the land and surroundings in tip-top shape. Recognizing soil health’s importance is key to whipping up the best organic produce while keeping our natural surroundings thriving.

Let’s skip to the good part … did it work?!

Now if we’re honest, after farming organically for nearly thirty years, we were fairly confident that our soil would be at its healthiest. But that didn’t stop the nerves when nine months later we caught up with Tom White, Regen Organic Farming Project Manager, who was even more excited than us to dig up the pants and find out if our experiment worked.

Watch below to see how our pants faired after spending nine months underground …

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