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Confused by climate change? Flummoxed with your carbon footprint? You’re not the only one. Yeo Valley Organic is here to celebrate and inspire others to act more sustainably, but to do that – we need to understand how.

To encourage people to shop, live and eat sustainably, the brand is hosting a virtual event with a panel of experts to provide helpful information on making small, sustainable changes to revitalize ourselves in the new year, help to rejuvenate our planet and become part of the ReGeneration. What is the ReGeneration, we hear you ask? Well, we believe that our generation is THE generation who can help combat climate change.

For example, did you know that 95% of our food is derived directly or indirectly from soil?* It plays an essential role in our lives, our planet and its future. We’ll be revealing the benefits of regenerative organic farming and how it can help slow down the effects of climate change. No confusing eco buzz words we promise!

Panelists include: Lizzie Rivera, journalist and founder of ethical lifestyle community Live Frankly; Lucy Williamson, award winning nutritionist with a passion for gut health and real food and Tom White, Yeo Valley’s very own soil health and regenerative farming expert.

Together the panel will offer practical advice to help people make small restorative acts for themselves, their families and the future of the planet that will make a big difference.

Yeo Valley Organic owner Tim Mead said: “There is a lot of overwhelming information out there regarding sustainability, which can be counterproductive as people simply don’t know where to start or how to act.”

“We want everyone to feel included, to join in the conversation and really understand how they can do their part to help slow down the effects of climate change.”

“From buying organic products, switching to a renewable energy supplier, to simply just showering a bit less or turning off the lights, the smallest steps can collectively make a big difference.”

The free virtual event will take place on Tuesday 18th January at 1.00pm. Tickets are available from Eventbrite. For further information, please visit

Start 2022 the Sustainable Way

A virtual event with a panel of experts in regenerative farming, ethical lifestyle, sustainable retail, and nutrition will be discussing how we can all make a big difference in 2022 and beyond through small positive acts. People can make more sustainable choices to help stay healthy on the inside and work towards regenerating the planet.

Tuesday 18th January

Virtual event from the comfort of your own home – just click on the link

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