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Home Farm on the Sadborow Estate is an organic dairy farm with just under 1,000 acres in the Dorset countryside. They have been organic for more than six years. Their farm consists of 360 dairy cows and not forgetting their pet pig named Rosie.

The Gregory family are first-generation organic farmers, although Tom’s family background is in farming. They farm in partnership with another local organic farmer. They have also been following regenerative farming princples including mob grazing and grassing parts of the farm that has re-establish clover and improved soil health. Two years ago, they made the decision to stop ploughing and instead drill into paddocks. On a weekly basis, the farm measures grass and use this valuable data to choose the paddocks that need refreshing.

Sophie is very focused on working with the community, this includes hosting school trips, farming discussion groups, and going into schools to teach children about dairy farming. Sophie feels responsible to encourage people from non-agricultural background into the industry and employees apprentices and work experience students to learn more about farming. She recently won the Women in Dairy, 2021 Dairy Woman of the Year Award.


“Tom is hugely passionate about soil, as soil alongside the herd is our biggest asset and something we strive daily to look after to the best of our ability. This project will allow us to farm using regenerative principles that cover all areas; from the way we manage hedgerows to how we reseed a paddocks. It can also centre around the health of the herd and the people working on the farm.“ Sophie Gregory

For more information visit: @farmer_in_training